Grocery Tour


Do you feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed when grocery shopping?

Do you want to eat healthier and choose healthy foods but have no idea where to start?

Are you totally confused as to what the differences are between “whole grain” “natural” “gluten free” “hearth-healthy”, etc?  Let alone which option is the best one for you…

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming when you are trying to make dietary changes BUT it doesn’t have to be!  With this Grocery Tour, I will be your guide to help you see past the clever marketing and sales tactics.  Together we will craft a strategy that is unique for you and your needs.  Then, I will lead you through the grocery store in person or via Facetime/Zoom to show you how to choose the best products FOR YOU.

It’s time to de-mystify the world of healthful grocery shopping!

This tour comes with a complimentary week of suggested recipes tailored to your needs and a complimentary 30 minute intro call.

*In person shopping is limited to the Orange County area*


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