About Me

I am 13781960_1133490326717848_5570963226834420634_nso beyond excited you are here!! I know that life can be super crazy roller coaster so I am here to help.  Have you ever had life knock you on your ass so hard that you wondered if you were ever fully going to recover?  I know I have!  Six years ago I found myself entering an inpatient treatment facility for eating disorders.  I was severely anorexic with an exercise addiction, anxiety and overwhelming depression to match.  Definitely was a low point on the roller coaster of life for me but I chose recovery and never looked back.  Fast forward to a year ago,  I had healed my eating disorder completely but once again had hit another low point on my journey. I  found myself stuck in a cancer center, receiving treatment and totally sick!  I felt exhausted, could barely function and was in a super depressed state once again.  It seemed like all of the hopes and dreams I had for my life went out the window and all that remained was prepping for a life filled with illness and exhaustion.  Doctors were telling me that I should just apply for disability and hope that I got better over time….people who knew me thought that I was just depressed and my illness was not real…I felt completely out of control and hopeless.

But then something changed….I remember it like it was yesterday.  I had just woken up from another 6 hour long nap and figured that I would read since I couldn’t get out of bed.  I opened You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and read this line “We are each responsible for all of our experiences.  Every thought we think is creating our future.”  Maybe it was because I was finally open… Maybe it was because I was at a new low… Maybe it was because I felt completely hopeless and was searching for help…Maybe it was just divine timing…but all I can tell you is that the line shook my consciousness like a thunderbolt.  As if waking from some sort of nightmare, I realized that I had the power to change my situation…and guess what?   I did!

It wasn’t over night, and it took lots of trial and error on my part, but I can tell you right here and now…it worked.  I no longer need to get expensive and exhausting treatments.  I no longer visit the doctor ever single week and take a mountain of medications.  I hit a level of self-love and freedom from ED that I never thought possible.  I finally have freedom, energy, hope and joy again!

I learned how to heal myself from the inside out.  I learned how to fight for my dreams and go after them regardless of my fears.  I learned that food is ridiculously powerful and can make or break our health.  I learned how to completely and radically shift my life for the better.  I learned how to kick my ED to the curb and that I am WORTHY of a freaking amazing life.  And I want to teach you!

I could do all of this not because I am some special or magical being.  I am just a regular girl who went big and never gave up.

I am just like you…I have dreams, hopes, and fears.  I am no different than you and you can absolutely find the freedom, joy, and happiness you want.  All you have to do is invest in yourself and believe that you deserve better.

You deserve better health.  You deserve better love.  You deserve joy.  You deserve passion.  You deserve happiness. You deserve joy.  You deserve to have your dreams come true!  You deserve all of these things, but you need to reach out and claim your power to get them.  I want to help you live a life you could only dream of!  If you are tired of being sick, frustrated, unhappy, unlucky, stuck, lost, etc., then it’s time to make a change!  Schedule a FREE discovery call with me here and let’s get your journey towards an amazing crazy awesome life started!