Certified Nutrition Oracle Card Readers

Welcome to the Certified Nutrition Oracle Card Reader directory!!  Each of these incredible women have completed my extensive Nutrition Oracle Card certification course.  In that course, I taught them exactly how I go about doing readings and how to add their own flare to the readings as well!  Choose the one that you are most guided to work with and I'm sure that you will get the answers that you need!  For more info about the course and how to become a Certified Nutrition Oracle Card Reader, email info@meganalena.com!



** Megan is not responsible or liable for any actions taken or advice given by those listed on this page.  By contacting them you release Megan from all liability and acknowledge that any services you receive or contact you have with those listed here do not in any way substitute for advice from a qualified medical practitioner.  The views expressed or implied by Nutrition Oracle Card readers do not reflect the beliefs, advice or coaching of Megan and should not be taken as such. **