Claim Your Magic

Are you ready to go BIG in your business?  

Are you ready to completely transform your mindset, business and life?

Are you so ready to have a safe space to share your heart, hopes, and fears?

Does the idea of having a kickass tribe of close-knit Girl Boss friends make you do a happy dance?

Are you so over trying course after after coach...freebie after freebie...and still feeling like things aren't happening for you?

If you are nodding yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you!  

Hi, I'm Megan & I want to introduce you to the Claim Your Magic Group Coaching Program

This 4 week program is totally unique and something that has never been done before!  It is designed to help get your business going in a BIG way (think GirlBoss 101 on STEROIDS!)...
If you are ready for a high-end mastermind, retreat, private coaching, and course all combined into one kickass program...then this opportunity is for you!

You see, not too long ago I was in your shoes...

I knew I was meant for something BIGGER...I knew that I was meant to be my own boss...but yet, I was feeling totally lost and overwhelmed.  

I slaved away each day at my job in corporate America and felt totally and completely afraid.

Afraid that I would never achieve the financial success that I dreamed of...

Afraid that I would forever rely on someone else to tell me when I could take a vacation...

Afraid that I would put myself out there in a business and MASSIVELY fail...

Afraid that I would always be paid less than I deserved...

Afraid to actually take a risk because that meant entering unknown territory...

Afraid to go against the carefully crafted plan I had for my life..

Afraid that I would never be FREE...

Until the day that all of that fear went right out the window.  Until the day that started a massive health crash that would change my life forever.

And it wasn't until I had literally worked myself into the ground at 25 years old and could no longer work...much less take care of myself...that I realized something....YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.  You can choose to stay afraid or you can choose to go BIG.  The choice is yours.

I decided to make a different choice...and that choice has lead me to where we are today.  In my first few months in business, I already made back my corporate income and then some...I've manifested over 200K in 2017 alone... my monthly sales keep growing...AND IM JUST GETTING STARTED.

I tell you this because this is all possible for you too.  You see...I figured out some things along the way...some things that are different from what every other coach out there is trumpeting on social media...I've learned and channeled some important things along the way...and I want to share them with YOU!

I want you to take a second and imagine....Imagine what it would look and feel like to:

     - Have total clarity about your business....brand, next-steps, offers, mission, etc.

     - Complete confidence in your own unique magical abilities 

     - A Magical Toolbox that will carry you through your business growth for years to come.

     - Total confidence in your ability to manifest whatever the fuck you want.

     - The peace and tranquility that comes from being in alignment with your business and unique abilities.

     - The sense of community and love that comes from being surrounded by a close knit tribe of amazing women...just like you!

     - The absolutely luscious feeling of knowing that you are FREE and you are SAFE.

These things used to be my imagination too...but now it's my reality...and I want to show you the way.

 Program Overview

Week 1: Mindset

In week 1 you will learn vital tools to help you shift your mindset, get clear about your business mission/services/offers, and you will learn the secret to getting results quickly in your business....and that's just an overview ;)

Week 2: Self-Love & Confidence

In week 2 we delve into one of the most important things you need for success in business and overall life happiness...self-love!  I will teach you all of my favorite tools to massively boost your confidence and self-love so that you are ready to show up BIG for yourself and your customers.  We will also delve in to discovering what your unique brand of magic entails and how to harness it for success!

Week 3: MONEY$$$$

In week 3 we are talking about the big M....MONEY!  This week is exclusively geared towards helping you release the blocks holding you back from the money goals you desire AND I will teach you all of my top Manifestation tools...all of the things that have helped me manifest everything from a free cup of coffee to $160K in one day!

Week 4: Random Awesomeness

This final week is all about all the loose ends that need to be tied up!  We will dive deeper into topics like branding, social media strategy, Daily success practices, Crucial business shortcuts and MORE!

As you can see...these 4 weeks are going to be EPIC!  And I want you to join us!



So What Do You Get??

  • 4 Week Group Coaching Program........... ($2999.00)

  • Live Videos with Me each week!.............. ($1500)

  • Access to the teachings FOR LIFE!.......... (Priceless)

  • Private Facebook Group w/exclusive content...... ($1999.00)

  • One-on-One Coaching Session w/me!....... ($299)

  • Bonus Legal Forms for Coaches! ..............($2500)

  • 20% Loyalty Discount off of ANY future Purchase!..... (Priceless)

  • Mini Course on Creating Your Own Tarot Cards!..... ($999)

    TOTAL: $10,296*


Now I have a few questions for you before I get to the price...

Would the massive amount of time and money you save from this group program be worth the $10K investment?


Would private one-on-one guidance & attention from me (my magic included), be worth 10K?


Would experiencing the bliss that comes from living your life purpose (and making income from it) be worth 10K? 


Yes?  Good....because these things are will always flow to you...what you cannot get back is TIME.




Pay in Full: $10,296...$999

Payment Plan #1: $10,296...4 Bi-Weekly Payments of $299 

Payment Plan #2: $10,296...14 Bi-Weekly Payments of $99

Pretty Lady...I know it can be scary to invest money even before you make it in your business...

TRUST ME...I was quivering in my boots when I pressed submit on my first major business investment!  

The thing need to take a chance in order to bring about change.  NOTHING will change unless you are willing to take chances, face fear, and believe in yourself.

Amazing things are possible for you.  You have an incredible unique brand of magic and I want to help you...BUT you must first take the leap of faith.  

I always give 110% to those who choose to trust me with their investment...and this program is no different.  In fact, I'm so confident that you will experience a shift, that I'm offering you a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.  That means that if you do not experience a single shift or any value from this program, I will refund your money!

That is how confident I am that this program is going to rock your world and change it in a big way!  

I want you to ponder the question "What are my dreams worth to me?"....and answer it.

Remember, all it takes is a little bit of magic to change everything.

I believe in you!  It's time you start believing in yourself!




What if I can't make a Live call?

That is totally OK! Each teaching section of the call will be recorded (your questions will be kept confidential!) and you will have access to the teachings after the call!

What if I already signed up for a program with a different coach?  Will this be different or available at another time?

I never guarantee that my courses, programs, etc. will be launched again because I may choose not to.  This program is different than any I have seen before...therefore, I am confident that you will receive a TON of value even if you are currently enrolled in another program.

Do you guarantee that I will make my investment back?

No I never guarantee results because I can only teach is up to you to do the work to get the results you desire.  However, those who put in the work and participate typically do very well. 

What if I can't afford it?

This sort of thinking is exactly why you need this program!  It is time to get rid of that negative, lack based, money mindset that is keeping you stuck.  You must begin to trust that the universe has your back.  I'm sure you can find the money (loans, credit cards, asking friends and family, cutting out the daily Starbucks, etc.) if you are really truly wanting to join this program!