Nutrition Oracle Card Certification Course

Hi there!

My name is Megan Alena and I am the founder and creator of the Nutrition Oracle Card deck.

I started out my business with the grand plan of having a big private coaching practice, but the Universe had some bigger ideas for me. One day, out of the blue, I received the intuitive hit to create Nutrition Oracle Cards....I'm never one to ignore divine guidance, so I immediately set out to bring the cards into the world (no matter how weird I thought it was at the time).

To make a long story short, the cards have been a big success ever since. I’ve helped over a thousand people all over the world get back on track with their health through these Oracle Card readings.

But that isn’t enough

I need to help more people….and that is where you come in! You see, I can only do so many readings. I am, after all, only one human being. That is why I created this certification. I wanted to empower amazing healers, like yourself, to use these cards to spread the message of healing and wellness throughout the world.

These cards are extremely powerful. They have the ability to help people before they reach the point of health crisis. I’ve had a few health crises in my life…and trust me…IT ROYALLY SUCKS! I’m so passionate about sharing the huge gifts of guidance these cards provide because I firmly believe that they will help people avoid those major health crises that are heading their way if they continue on their current path.

So if you are passionate about wellness and you want to help others achieve the best health, quality of life, and overall wellness possible, then I want you to join me!

** Results are not guaranteed.n** The cards do not substitute for advice from a medical professionaln**In purchasing the course and/or cards you release Megan from all liability.