What You Need to Know About the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

Hello there pretty lady!  I’m sure you have heard about this not so subtle event occurring on Monday….well, unless you have been living under a rock or something.

This new moon, solar eclipse, in Leo has people talking and it is sure to be an awesome event.  I personally love all the attention this new moon is receiving because I think the more we can create awareness on the power of the moon…the better!

Now, what does this new moon eclipse mean for you?  Aside from the powerful show an eclipse provides, it is also a powerful time to tap in to your intuition and power.  Since the new moon is in Leo, this eclipse is magnifying the effects of the new moon.

It’s time for you to take a deep look at your fears around standing out, whether or not you have been honoring your creativity, and how you have been treating yourself.  When was the last time you indulged in yourself?  Have you listed all of the qualities you possess that make you absolutely fantastic as of late?

This beautiful time is an opportunity for you to see how you have been afraid to shine too brightly or how you haven’t been treating yourself like the VIP that you truly are…see the negatives and forgive them.  Forgive yourself and others around these areas and choose to move forward into the light.  What commitment(s) can you make to yourself during this powerful time?  Can you commit to releasing fear and showing up more fully in your power?  Can you commit to loving yourself more?  How can you face your fears around showing up confidently as the amazing human being you are?

I also really recommend taking time on the day of the eclipse to tap into the powerful energy that surrounds us…meditate, get quiet and turn inward.  You may discover some important insights awaiting you.  Trust that any guidance you receive on this powerful day is divinely orchestrated and know (if it feels right in your heart) that changes made and opportunities taken can have a massively powerful impact on your life and future.

Overall, don’t be afraid of the eclipse.  Have fun tapping into the powerful energy and see this as a beautiful opportunity to stretch your wings and fly!

Blessed Be,


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Forecast: Friday August 18th

✨Forecast for Friday, August 18th✨

The moon is still in cancer…this continues the trend of focus on family, comfort and home. Date night in anyone? Don’t force yourself to go out to social events if you don’t feel like it. Luxuriate in the comforts of home. This is a great day to set intentions or do spells around love and relationships.

Friday energy is all about love and relationships. Good colors for today include pink, lavender, purple, white and cream. Any sort of clothing or accessories that inspire romance or a girly tone are going to feel fabulous today! Gemstones to wear today include rose quartz and tourmaline.

Give some extra love to your family and friends today!


Forecast: Thursday August 17th

✨Daily Forecast for Thursday, August 17th✨

The moon moves from Gemini into Cancer today.  This brings the focus onto home and family and a need for seclusion and comfort.  Seek the support and comfort of your family today and be extra kind to yourself with any doubts or fears that come up for you.  Avoid any big crowds or large groups today and be sure to protect your energy.

As a Thursday, the focus is on your wealth, abundance and prosperity.  Perhaps issues with money come to a head at home or worries over providing for your family surface.  Focus on the little things today and really express gratitude for the abundance in your life.  Clothing-wise, choose colors associated with abundance and the sign of cancer…purple and dark blue are great colors today!  Go for clothing that feels luxurious, comfortable and abundant. Crystals to use today are citrine, aventurine and turquoise.


Forecast: Wednesday August 16th

✨Forecast for Wednesday, August 16th✨

The moon is in Gemini indicating that things are likely to move quickly for you today. This is a great time for presentations, social gatherings and really diving into learning on a topic that has peaked your interest as of late.

As a Wednesday, this day is associated with Mercury. Learn to flow with the twists and turns and changes today. The double mercury during mercury retrograde can mean that there will be more technical snaffus than usual or communication may break down. Have patience and trust that everything will work itself out.

Your outfit: Good colors to wear today are lavender, yellow, white or gray. Crystals to use today are fluorite and quartz.


I’m willing to admit that I made a Mistake

Hi beautiful!  It’s a sunny day here in SoCal and I’m feeling a bit nervous as I write this…..

You see, I proudly deleted my group of over 1400 followers a few weeks back.  I thought to myself “HA! Now they can’t take advantage of my generosity anymore! They will be forced to follow me and actually listen to what I’m saying instead of just showing up when they get a free reading!”

Sounds pretty ruthless and mean right?

Well, I had been feeling for a while that I was giving my heart and soul to the group and wasn’t receiving anything in return.  It felt like I was having to struggle to get people to buy anything (even low priced items) and I just felt so FRUSTRATED!

The funny thing is, my posts and energy reeked of frustration…but that’s a whole other post.

Now, I made the whole ordeal of deleting my group into a big marketing ploy and really got down to selling my kickass membership tribe, The Goddess Circle.  I had this big idea that this membership would blow up and I would have better engagement and feel totally fulfilled just from those who were in the Goddess Circle because they would be more likely to show up and even purchase from me.

I’m cringing even as I write this…

You see, I had lost my way….I had once again fallen into the trap of only thinking about the money.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that my so-called inner gps wasn’t actually leading me to take the drastic action of deleting my group….nope that was my very craft ego.  I had convinced myself that this desire had to be coming from my inner gps and I was going to be the rebel that took the first scary steps to delete their group…and I would totally make it in my business (again the focus on money).

So I deleted every single member of the group and felt so much joy and the thoughts of “I’ll show them!” were on repeat.  It was kind of like a revenge diet when your bf/gf that you love breaks up with you out of nowhere.  Same premise….that energy of revenge and I’m better than you.

I got so worked up into it…and then, the next program I sold was a big flop.  Now, I firmly believe that the right people are in it and whoever was meant to be in the program is now in it…but man was I really disappointed.  I realized something big from that failure….those feelings of frustration, disappointment, and anger had nothing to do with the free group I deleted….they had everything to do with me and my internal beliefs.

So I did what I needed to do to pull myself back up again and start showing up online….but something had shifted.  I realized that I could no longer continue on the way I was doing things.  I realized that I’m so sick and tired of listening to everyone else’s strategies of doing things and being paid what your worth.  I realized that I had fallen so far down the rabbit hole of listening to “experts” tell me the keys to success, that I had totally lost sight of my original desire and dreams for my business… serve people and change their lives through coaching.

It was really interesting when I sat back and asked myself “How can I be of service today?” instead of “How can I make money today?”…..I feel like my entire vibe and energy shifted and more people began engaging with me.  It was in this space of looking how to be more of service that I discovered…I really missed my free group!  I hated having to go into group after group wondering if what I was about to say or post would get me into trouble with the leader…it felt like wearing really freaking uncomfortable spanx.   NOT FUN!

So here I am now….I miss my group and I’m at the space of having to swallow my pride and admit something big…I MADE A MISTAKE.  I allowed my own ego to take control and I fell far from grace.  I’ve done a lot of thinking about this the past few days….a lot of reflection and really delving into my heart to see what it is that it truly desires….and I knew that it was time to get back to service.  And that’s what I’m doing…

The High-Vibe Freedom Sisterhood is officially back….and this time I’m going to do it right.  I don’t see my mistake as a total failure…instead, I choose to see this as a beautiful opportunity to build the space the right way…with amazing, incredible, women who are action takers and who are totally committed to making a difference in their lives and in this world.  The energy is different this time…it’s a totally clean slate…and for that, I’m excited…and very very grateful.

If you would like to join the High-Vibe Freedom Sisterhood, you can do so here.




My biggest regret in business

As someone who has been full time for a year in her business, I wanted to reflect back on something that has been on my mind as of late.  There have been many lessons thus far and I’m sure there are many more to come.  However, one thing stands out in my mind and I feel like it is the big elephant in the room in the online coaching world.  

Every day I log in to my social media accounts and take a quick glance at the posts.  It’s usually one offer after the other, sporadically filled with genuine posts filled with value, questions or advice.  I think of how I used to perceive this as I got started in business and everyone seemed to have the magic pill that was going to skyrocket my business to the elusive 10k months.

As a newbie with a heart filled to the brim with desire to serve and to make good money, I fell for the pitches hook, line and sinker.  With each new opt-in I would be so excited to learn the “process” that was going to help me finally “make it” in my business.  But after each webinar, video series, workbook, ebook, etc. I was left feeling like I was no further along to discovering the secret.  So I began to purchase courses…again with the same mindset of “this is going to be it! this course is going to be the thing that will help me skyrocket my business.”  And again…I would put the teachings into practice but still my business did not get the results that I wanted.  

So then I went even further….I sucked up my fear and signed up for business coach.  I paid more than I had ever invested in my life and omg it was scary as fuck.  

Now, this is about the time you expect me to say that my life changed and my business skyrocketed to awesomeness.  Well, no it didn’t.  

No, it wasn’t my business coach’s fault.  She is great at what she does.  The reason my business didn’t have the results is because I hadn’t dealt with the deep internal stuff first!  This is the HUGE elephant in the room when it comes to the coaching industry!!!  My deepest regret is that I didn’t hire the life coach FIRST.  


Because all the business expertise in the world is not going to help you if you don’t have the solid foundation of manifestation, belief in yourself, and self-confidence.  No sales funnel is going to work when you have limiting beliefs and ties to the past holding you back.  No sales technique is going to change the fact that you don’t feel like you truly deserve success or you don’t believe that you can actually have the money you desire.  No course or passive income strategy is going to work if you can’t believe in yourself when no one else does or when it looks like it’s not going to happen for you.

Life Coaching is remarkably powerful because it challenges you, forces you to grow, and helps you go bigger than you ever thought possible.  

Yes, there is a point in time to pay attention to the experts on marketing, sales funnels, sales etc.  BUT if you haven’t done the work with an expert in making you grow internally….then I have a strong feeling it’s not going to work out so great for you.  Yes there are the rare few who do make money without doing the work I speak of, but usually they end up getting a life coach at some point because the money doesn’t end up satisfying them on a deep internal level.

If you are wanting to be successful, I cannot recommend enough that you look into hiring a life coach who challenges you…who makes you believe in yourself…who will force you to go deeper…who you feel and know in your bones is going to leave you transformed….

Going without one is like building a house on sand…it’s on unsteady foundation and you may never fully get the house up before it is swept away.  Do yourself a favor….opt to build your house on a solid foundation…invest in a life coach that is going to help you transform internally.  Because internal transformation is what truly is going to skyrocket your success.



P.S. If you are ready to do the internal work, I’m have 2 spots available in my private coaching practice.  Schedule your free call with me and let’s get to chatting about what possibilities are waiting for you.


The Dangers of Busy-Ness

So often we fill our lives with stuff.

Whether it’s plans with friends, shopping, travel, hanging out with family, work, etc. etc. All of these things seem to be great on the surface.  However, when we pause to actually examine it, this busy-ness is just a form of distraction from listening to our own inner guidance system (GPS).  The ironic part is that we feel like we are listening to our intuition but instead we are actually living in a distracted realm of avoidance & fear.

My twenties have been full of times like this.  Times where I would pack my schedule with school, work, and social events in order to avoid just being with myself.  Do you find yourself doing that??  I would do what I could to keep myself busy in order to distract myself from the lack of fulfillment I was feeling in my life.  

To an outsider, my life looked great.  However, looks can be deceiving.  What those people didn’t see behind the smoke screen of busy-ness, was declining health, stress overload, depression & loneliness.  I would like awake at night wondering when I was finally going to start feeling satisfied and truly happy with my life…if ever.

I truly felt, deep down, that I was meant for so much more, but I had no clue what that actually meant.  It was in the nighttime stillness that my own inner guidance would finally have a space to be heard.  I would do my best to drown it out with distractions like drinking, reading, watching TV or texting, but eventually I was forced to listen.  And I was forced to listen in a big way!

Me health crashed & burned not just once, but, three times from the age of 22 to 26!  Each time, I was forced to slow down & admit to myself that something needed to change.  I was forced to acknowledge that my life wasn’t the sunshine and roses that I portrayed to the world and I was forced to finally listen and dig deep.

My point in all of this is to ask you to examine your life.  Where are you distracting yourself amongst the work, friends, travel, family, dating, etc.  It’s time to stop all the busy-ness and start listening to your inner GPS.  

I know it can be totally scary!  Sometimes when we tune in, it can bring up some scary shit.  You may realize that some major life changes are in order.  But I can promise you that tuning in now is A LOT better than being forced to listen.  So make a point to take time for silence & stillness.  Make time to listen.  Your inner guidance system won’t steer you wrong & it’s there waiting to give you guidance that will take your life from just busy…to fabulous.



P.S. I’d love to hear what you think! Comment with ways that you may have been distracting yourself & commit to tuning in to your own inner GPS!


Recipe Review: Paleo Panna Cotta

For this week’s gluten-free, dairy-free, recipe review, I decided to relive last summer’s Paris trip with some Panna Cotta!  

Now, the presentation isn’t quite as good, I’ll admit…but damn… I loved this version of Panna Cotta better.  Why?  Because it didn’t make my body rebel like the Paris version did.  

Dairy tends to make my body rebel and that is definitely no bueno!  This version is great because it is totally dairy free and gluten free!  A win-win combination in my book and hopefully yours too!

I highly recommend measuring out the gelatin because I eyeballed it and my dessert turned out a bit grainy…still yummy…but grainy.  I also highly recommend topping this with some of your favorite berries for some added deliciousness or even adding some lemon zest and lemon extract (or lemon essential oil) to the mixture before cooling to get a nice lemony twist to this dessert!

You can access the full recipe here at the Detoxinista website!  I really like her vibe and will definitely be testing out more of her recipes on the blog because the Panna Cotta was so delicious.

P.S. This Panna Cotta is also refined sugar free! Woot Woot!

P.P.S. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!



What you will need for this recipe:

– 4 small ramekins

– Coconut Cream (13oz can)

– Maple syrup (100% pure)

– Vanilla Extract

– Grass-fed gelatin (I like Great Lakes brand)

Optional: Fruit toppings


Recipe: Perfectly Roasted Vegetables

I love roasted vegetables….I love the ease of making them and I love how they continue to hold up their flavor all week long.  You will usually find me roasting vegetables a few times a month because they make a great quick lunch for me whenever I’m working from home.  The fun part of this recipe is that you can switch up the veggies to your preferences or to whatever veggies are currently in season.  Personally, I like having zucchini, squash, bell peppers, mushrooms and potatoes in my mix.  I will say that there are some veggies best left un-roasted.  For example, spinach and green beans are best left out of the roasting pan.  Trust me I’ve tried and these vegetables do not hold up well!  I hope you enjoy the recipe below!  I’ve included the basics and you can just adjust it all depending on how many vegetables you are roasting at a time.


– 3 large zucchini

– 2 yellow squash

– ~2 cups of small white or red potatoes

– 3 big bell peppers

– 1 pack of pre-sliced crimini mushrooms


– Balsamic Vinegar

– Garlic & Herb Seasoning ( I like Primal Palate)


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Farenhiet 

2. Cut up all of your vegetables into chunks and place in a big bowl (sometimes I need to use two bowls depending on how many veggies I’m roasting)

3. Drizzle olive oil & Balsamic Vinegar over the veggies (be generous with the oil)

4. Toss the veggies to coat them

5. Use parchment paper on a cookie sheet(s)….Spread vegetables out evenly onto the cookie sheets covered in parchment paper.

6. Season with garlic & herb seasoning

7. Place in the oven and bake for 30 minutes at 375.

8. Stir the vegetables and increase the oven temperature to 400 degrees.  

9. Roast for another 15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.  

10. Pull out of the oven, serve and enjoy! 

There you have it! That’s my recipe for yummy roasted vegetables!  I like to enjoy these with my favorite adobo chicken thighs or with a good cooked fish!  I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think of the recipe….Enjoy!




Recipe Review: Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

Original Recipe and a Review of this Superfood Protein Powder!

This week has been super nuts in the Megan Alena household.  Between taking care of my mom’s dog lily, hosting, and both the hubby and I working lots of hours, things have been hectic.  My body has been letting me know as of late how much it disproves of this hectic lifestyle complete with nightly glasses of wine and this week was time to do something about it.  I mean, I literally talk about listening to your body each day on the social medias so one must not be a hypocrite about teachings.  

While I still screw up from time to time, I like to think that I know better than to ignore my body when it starts to really let me know that it’s time to clean up my food act.  Whenever that happens, smoothies tend to be my go-to.  I just love the feeling of nutrition seeping into my body that drinking a good smoothie gives me.  It’s like I just took nutrient-packed stuff and injected it straight into my veins…it feels so good!  Now, if you have been following me for a while, you know I got suckered into doing the whole Beachbody thing for a hot second and the Shakeology stuff was my go-to smoothie addition.  Since Beachbody and I are no longer simpatico, I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement for the expensive pouch of powder that is Shakeology.  

My search took me to Amazon (as all good searches do) and I sifted through product after product looking for something that wasn’t loaded with dairy, sugar, and suspicious ingredients.  After what seemed like a freaking eon of searching, I finally landed on the page for this Pure Foods Protein Powder.  I will admit that I was super leery at first because the name Pure Foods just seemed like another marketing ploy to make me think that something was healthy when it clearly was NOT….but as I read through the description and the ingredients, my skepticism was abated enough to want to give it a shot.  So I loaded it into my cart and patiently waited the one day for it to arrive on my doorstep (Have I mentioned that I freaking LOVE Amazon PRIME?!).

Once it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you get quite a bit of protein powder for the price and the package is easily resealable and labeled well.  Immediately my eyes went to the ingredients list and Nutrition label on the back of the bag and let me just say how impressed I was that the ingredients were displayed in large font and prominently so that they can be seen without the use of a freaking magnifying glass!  On top of that, there were only 8 ingredients and I actually could pronounce AND recognize EVERY SINGLE ONE!  

Now, on to the Nutrition label….everything was super easy to read and I absolutely adored that this protein powder comes with probiotics and has only 1 gram of sugar.  In case you haven’t noticed, a majority of protein powders out in the market are loaded with sugar so that they don’t taste like you are drinking a mixture of soil, dirt, and other nasty un-identifiable substances.  The one downside here is that the serving size is in grams instead of cups or ounces….like I have no freaking clue what 32grams looks like in my little protein scooper that I use.  But oh well….a scoop tends to be the general serving size for protein powders so I just went with it.  

Nutrition labels and Ingredients lists definitely get me all excited but, let’s be honest, for the other 99% of the population the only thing that truly matters is the taste.  So off I went to make my first smoothie with this bag of brown glory powder.  For my first attempt, I followed the recipe that they give on the back of the bag and that I’ve included for you below.  Once blended, I have to say that I was really impressed with the flavor…not too sweet and definitely not super grainy like some other protein powders I’ve tried.  The chocolate enhanced the flavor of the bananas and berries while not being totally overwhelming.  I will say that I don’t think I could drink just the powder and water alone since that would definitely be a bit grainy.  Overall, I am super happy with this powder and each day that I have a smoothie with it leaves me feeling satisfied for hours after.  

I definitely encourage you to give this baby a try for yourself and you can find it on Amazon here.  Best of all, I received an email from the owner not too long after purchasing that contained more recipes and was super freaking nice!  Gotta love supporting small businesses that actually give a crap what their customers are putting into their bodies.  Have you tried this protein powder??  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  What about any other favorite powders out there that I should give a fair shot?  

For now, this company and this powder have my vote and I’m one satisfied gluten-free, dairy-free customer!



Chocolate Smoothie:

Combine all the ingredients.  Blend and enjoy!


 – 1 banana

     – 1/2 cup frozen berries

     – 1-2 handfuls of greens

     – 1 scoop of Protein Powder

     – 1/2 cup Almond/Cashew milk (unsweetened)