A Year Ago I Woke Up From A Nightmare

A Year Ago Today I Woke Up From a Nightmare

It was 6am and I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing and my husband sleepily telling me that my phone was ringing. In a daze of half sleep I noticed I had a missed call from my mom. “Weird” I thought…so I called her back.

“Dad got into an accident and they are taking him to the hospital.”

I sighed and told my husband…my poor dad…”here we go with another stay in the hospital” I thought….but deep inside I felt a bit of panic…something was off. I shrugged it off thinking it was just because I was a little spooked by the fact that I had just been dreaming that I was in a bad car accident and had died in the accident.

So, I threw on my favorite pink running shorts, a white t-shirt, and away we drove to my mom’s house to drop our dog off before heading to the hospital. On the drive I mused to my husband “This is just weird…why are they taking him to that hospital? Something just feels not right.”

After about 15 minutes we arrived at Placentia Linda Hospital Emergency Room…I calmly told the receptionist who I was and she immediately let me in the back “That’s odd” I thought.

I turned the corner and that is when I saw my mom…her tear streaked face told me all I needed to know before she even uttered the words “Dad didn’t make it”….and with those words…the axis totally shifted on my world and I felt as though a hole was punched right through my heart.

What followed in the next few days is a blur. So many people showing up to our house. Going to get my sister from the airport. The heartbreak on the faces of the people that loved him most. Confusion about next steps. How our lives would never be the same. And quiet walks where he told me in the clouds that he was with me (I still remember the sheer amount of JF clouds I saw).

Today marks one year since I lost my dad…my mentor…my friend..and someone I loved too deep for words. And it’s been one of the hardest years of my life….sometimes it seemed like the challenges, the curveballs, the knocks, wouldn’t stop coming.

But that’s life, isn’t it? The tough times, days, months, years, are a part of life. We have the choice how we perceive them. We can choose each day to expect the best or expect the worst. Most importantly, we can choose each day to live as if it is our last.

If there is one thing my dad did in his lifetime, it is to live big.

So many of us do not liking facing our mortality…why is that?
Because it is the fear of the unknown? It makes us feel powerless? Or maybe it’s because it shows us that we aren’t truly living?

You have a choice each day when you wake up. Even if you have responsibilities. Even when it feels like you have no choice. You have a choice each day. Will you choose to live your life on purpose? Will you choose to live to your potential? To live a life where others will mourn your absence when you are gone? To live a life that you are proud to say you lived?

You have a choice each day…each gift of time you are given…
You have a choice…
To show up…To refuse to play small…To face fear…To take leaps of faith…To follow your dreams…To love deeply…To take risks…To feel the full breadth of your emotions…To live on purpose.

You have a choice. Don’t wait until the shock of death hits your doorstep to start making the choices you will be proud of at the end of your life.¬†ūüíó

Thank you dad for living on purpose. For loving fiercely. For believing in your dreams. For showing how powerful a life intentionally lived can be.

I love you.


Why I Don’t Want a 6 Pack and It’s A-OK if You Do…

Hey there friend!¬† It’s a fall-like Friday here in socal and I’m so hyped up from this awesome week!

I had the inspiration for this post while playing with my dog Rosie and casually scrolling instagram…multi-tasking at it’s finest I tell you…

So when I was scrolling my feed, I noticed a post from a woman I follow.¬† In this post she talks about her nerves at taking photos with her shirt off and her decision to do so because she is proud of her body and her strength.¬† That post really got me thinking….

First I was like “daaannnggg…she is ripped…maybe I should do what I need to in order to look like that…”

That thought was immediately followed by a “heck no…I know what it takes to achieve that and I’m just not willing to do it.” And yes…there was a judgy tone to that comment…

And this whole sequence of thoughts that took about 30 seconds or less to run through, really got me thinking.¬† Why is it that I don’t want to be super fit like that?¬† How am I approaching that subject?¬† How can I judge others less?

So let’s start with the first question.¬† Why I don’t want to have a 6-pack….

For me, the lack of desire for a 6 pack is a multi-faceted thing.¬† So I’m going to try and break it down for you as best I can.¬† First, I have no desire for a 6 pack because of what the training entails to achieve one.¬† The training requires a level of rigidity and discipline around food and exercise that I have no desire to implement in my life.¬† I’ve literally spent the last 8 years trying to undo¬† all the food/exercise rules and regulations I had during my eating disorder and I have no desire to regress.

Second, I want to set a good example for my audience and that entails being healthy and thriving without needing to look like I just stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine.  Unfortunately, the media loves to sell us the promise that all of our worries and struggles will disappear if we simply lose weight and tone up.  This is a HUGE lie and one that I have first-hand experience with.

Lastly,¬† ¬†I’ve noticed a running theme both with myself, followers, and people that I have worked with…and this theme is a desire for control, power, or significance.¬† I get that you want that 6 pack and toned body so bad because you think that it will give you and edge, that it will set you apart, that it will make others notice you, that it will give you control in your life, and you will feel powerful.¬† Trust me…I get it.¬† Yes, you may get special treatment and feel more confident if you hit that goal but ultimately you are never free.

Why?¬† Because as soon as you get that feeling of confidence, power, control, etc. when you have the toned body, you believe that you will lose that feeling if you ever let that toned body go.¬† It becomes a dangerous and vicious cycle.¬† So my final reason for not wanting a 6-pack is because I want to show you and I want you to know that you can feel powerful, in control, confident and more without it.¬† I used to believe that men would never want me if I wasn’t rail thin…and it took me choosing health over that desire to realize that the power I sought through my weight was in me all along (regardless of my weight or body size).

Now that the cats out of the bag there….I want to say why I don’t judge you if you desire the 6 pack.

You see, I don’t believe every person who is ripped and toned has issues.¬† I know strong, incredible, people who simply enjoy the challenge of reaching the peak of their body’s physical fitness.¬† I see people who love themselves deeply and it has nothing to do with their body.¬† I see people who are just natural athletes and the competition and challenge of having a 6 pack fills their life with greater joy and satisfaction.¬† So if you are one of those people….then no judgment coming from me!

What I do have a problem with is people who shame others for not wanting the toned body….or for not being vegan/paleo/keto/whatever new diet is the all the rage.¬† I also have a problem with people who encourage disordered eating and harmful wellness practices in others.¬† When you choose to encourage harmful practices or judge another, that is something I don’t agree with AT ALL.¬† Have I made the mistake of judging others before?¬† YEP! I’m not perfect…but I still do my best each day to lead with love.

All of this is why it is my mission to show you that strong doesn’t have to mean a 6 pack, powerful doesn’t have to mean the willpower to stick to an unrealistic diet, and healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.¬† ¬†The most important thing of all is to know that you are not broken.¬† You do not need fixing. And you are amazing just as you are.

So, friend, go to the gym for a killer workout, take your dog for an evening stroll, eat the fries, eat the salad, do whatever it is that shows love for your body and brings you joy….because living a life of purpose and joy is truly rewarding.




One Last Bite

Hey there you¬† fabulous person you…Happy Tuesday!

See that image at the top of the page…yes the one that looks super jenky and like a 2 year old took it….

While that image doesn’t seem like much, it actually represents something huge for me.¬† You see, that image represents years of work.¬† It represents freedom.¬† It represents self-love.¬† It represents so much more than the quality of the image indicates.

Let me take you back about 8 years….way way back….back to the time of letting an eating disorder rule my life.

You see, that food right there…that last bit in the container….that food would have been causing me agony right about now.¬† I can see myself back then….and I can hear the thoughts that would have been stampeding through my brain…

“how dare you eat that food!”¬† “That is not part of the daily plan!” “You are so fat! Why can’t you just get yourself under control!”¬† “You are going to have to walk to school because you ate that you fat cow!¬† I don’t care if it’s raining!”

And that is just a taster (excuse my pun) of what would have been going on in my head.¬† Back in those days I had foods that were A-OK to eat and everything else was on the “absolutely do not touch or you WILL BE FAT” list.¬† I was sick…I was obsessed with maintaining my size nothing clothes and my starvation victim look.¬† That last bit of food¬† shows just how little I would eat…because what you see is the only amount I would allow to go into my mouth at one time….and that last but of food…that tiny bite…showed my failure and how I would never succeed.

Fast forward about 4 years…

The food symbolized more once again.

At this point my eating disorder was in recovery and I was finally at a health weight again.¬† ¬†However, healthy weight didn’t mean that I had a healthy relationship with food.¬† You see, 4 years ago, this last bit of food wouldn’t be there.¬† I would have devoured the leftovers and eaten everything until it was gone.¬† I was numb to food.¬† If I had to eat it, well then, I would eat it so fast that I wouldn’t even notice I was eating.

Once again, I would have thoughts streaming through my head..but this time, it would be a shock to see that I had finished the entire container of food.

“There you go again!¬† You were supposed to pay attention Megan! Can’t you do anything right?!”¬† “You know you have to work this off later don’t you?”¬† “Let’s see if you can compensate with the next meal.”¬† “You are so fat and it’s only getting worse because you have no control around food!”¬† “You big fat slob!” “No guy is ever going to want you!”

The thoughts would go on and on…and it always ended with me numbing again and just eating or just eating because the thoughts wouldn’t stop.¬† Not a great combo.

Nowadays that picture above shows a different story.  I eat the yummy food without yelling at myself, without numbing, and without guilt.  I know that this food that I eat will not effect my weight.  I trust my body and I listen to what it says to me, but more importantly, I love it enough to stop beforeI feel overly full.

This last bite of food symbolizes so much.¬† It shows how far I’ve come.¬† It shows how different things can be.¬† Most of all, it shows that Food Freedom is possible¬† for me and for YOU.



Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month and, as a self-described pinkaholic, the appearance of pink ribbons, clothes and more makes my heart pitter patter with happiness.¬† I’ve always been more than happy to justify the purchase of an extra pink item I don’t necessarily need because it is supporting a cause.

Cancer always seemed like an abstract thing to me.¬† Like this scary entity that was suddenly changing so many peoples’ lives around me but it never seemed to be something that I paid much attention to. Kinda like that annoying person in class who asked question after question…that never seemed to bother you much until the day you could have gotten out of class early if the person would stop freaking asking questions.

I would go about my days and would feel bad for those who got diagnosed with cancer or who were talking about their loved ones getting diagnosed…all while secretly thinking “phew! At least it wasn’t me!”

Until, suddenly, it was me….and someone that I love more than words, heard those fateful words “the test results are positive.¬† You have cancer.”¬† The last few months have been filled with uncertainty, treatments, surgery, and more doctors than you can count.¬† What shocks me is the sheer amount of women I see each and every time I visit the cancer center with my mom.¬† It so tough to look into the eyes of the cancer patients…the looks of pain, fear and uncertainty that shine from their eyes is enough to bring a person to tears….don’t even get me started on their loved ones that I see.

This cancer monster is a very real thing…and it doesn’t discriminate on who it strikes.

Perhaps you already know someone who has cancer…or maybe you have already been diagnosed yourself?

Approximately 39% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life.¬† That’s almost 50% of people!? And that doesn’t even take into account those who know a loved one and are affected that way.

Cancer has sprung up at an alarming rate BUT this is not a post about doom and gloom.¬† My intention here isn’t to freak you out terribly….well, maybe a little….because here’s the thing….there are steps you can take RIGHT NOW to decrease your risk of getting cancer and/or boost your ability to recover if you get diagnosed.

What steps?¬† Well, I’m so glad you asked! Learning to take care of your body with nutrition NOW is so key to modulating your risk of developing, not just cancer, but every single major chronic illness out there today.¬† Look, I get it…I’m not the first person to say something like that to you…nor will I be the last….but there is a reason this point is emphasized over and over again…BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT.

I know it can be overwhelming to even think about making changes…let alone what changes to make or where to even start.¬† I get that there are 101 reasons why you can’t….but let me tell you from experience….it’s easier to make the changes when you are desperate because you are really sick and are afraid and, yes, it’s more challenging to make health a priority when everything seems to be running smoothly.¬† However, you can’t see the inner workings of the body on a day to day basis….you can’t see as the inflammation slowly begins to cause issues….you can’t see the damage…until it’s too late.

Look, I totally get it….I used to have every (very reasonable in my mind) excuse as to why I was good and didn’t need to change….but those excuses didn’t help me one iota as I sat in a cancer center with an IV in my arm and seriously sick at 25.¬† Just like those excuses didn’t help one iota for every terminal cancer patient I had to look in the eyes as I sat there and I know those excuses didn’t help one iota for every woman I saw in the breast cancer center this morning. Personally,¬†I’d bet big money that each person diagnosed with cancer would LOVE to go back in time and take action to prevent their suffering.

Unfortunately, I see the same choices continuing day in and day out.¬† I see those who choose not to prioritize their health.¬† I see how dietary changes are put to the side because there isn’t any real immediate gratification (aside from weight loss I guess).¬† I see people heading for a health disaster….and I wish so badly I could bring their future self to have a chat with them.¬† I was given the gift to heal and start over.¬† I am able now to make new choices.¬† Unfortunately, some people never receive that gift.

So you have a choice…right here….right now….are you going to choose take preventative measures even though it may not be the easiest, most popular, way of doing things?….or are you going to roll the dice and hope that one day you don’t find yourself thoroughly exhausted, sitting in a chair, listening to the blip of the machine as chemo slowly drips into your body, and wishing beyond anything you could have done something to prevent all of it?

You always have the choice….at every single step of your journey….so what will you choose?

And if you are ready to choose health….if you are ready to choose prevention..If you are tired of feeling confused around how to eat better and how to prevent chronic disease…then I have one final question for you….

Would you like some help with that?




My BulletProof Coffee Experience

So I tried Bulletproof coffee this morning….

Nevermind that I have a dairy allergy…

Nevermind that I’m sensitive to coffee….

“The real high performers drink this stuff and I need to start cleansing my body from all the crap I’ve been eating and drinking lately”…. I thought to myself…

First attempt to make the coffee…EPIC fail…ghee and coffee everywhere….

Second attempt….SUCCESS! I took a whiff and quickly wanted to plug my nose….ughhhh “well I hope this tastes better than it smells..” I thought to myself…

Here goes nothing….I take a drink….


Hmmmm…maybe if I add some stevia….

3, 2, 1….I take another drink with some stevia mixed in…..

UGHEIHHGHAGHGHGHGH that tastes like sugared TERRIBLE!!!

Maybe if I plug my nose….

Then a still small voice comes from deep within….and says “Megan…what are you doing?”….my higher self is looking at me over her half moon glasses and giving me the look of a teacher scolding a student…

But…if I don’t drink this….I won’t be a high performer…I once again won’t be good enough…I will suck…I am such a failure…I won’t be able to be fit and lean…I won’t be able to effing biohack myself!….my brain screams at me endlessly with each phrase loaded with insult after insult.

I watch this in my consciousness….and sit still with curiosity…

Isn’t it interesting how we judge ourselves if the latest fad doesn’t work for us….or how we judge ourselves for not being able to fit in with the crowd?

Have you ever judged yourself for not being able to stick to the latest diet? Have you thought that you are a failure and won’t succeed in getting to the weight you want because you can’t follow keto, paleo, veganism, etc.?

The frustration in my body is palpable….I’m angry at my body….”why can’t you just freaking work for once?!” I think to myself….

And again…my higher self whispers….”You know what to do Megan…it’s not about the extremes…you know that you don’t need to drink bulletproof coffee to be good enough…to be healthy…to be the best version of yourself. All you have to do is turn inward and ask your body what it truly needs and wants instead of listening to what the outside world says is ‘the best’ way of doing things.”

I sit for a moment in contemplation….true….maybe I was being a bit too extreme….my shoulders sag as if releasing a load of bricks off of them…time to go make a smoothie….


Shine Bright

I can’t believe this guy is talking to me!!! Play it cool…play it cool megan!

The crisp fall air rustled my hair as we sat on the cool bleachers. “Touchdown!” The announcer yelled through the loud speakers as a general cry of happiness went up from the crowd. The world seemed to be moving so fast around me as people high fived each other and jumped up and down with glee to celebrate the score….

I could smell the scent of pine and sandalwood of his cologne as we high fived each other in celebration of the touchdown. His eyes were so blue and I felt the excitement of feeling like a guy actually was interested in me.

Me…the girl who was awkward, nerdy and finally coming into her own. Who no longer had tons of acne or was overweight…

We sat back down and began to discuss football and I tried to wow him with my knowledge of sports…the conversation flowed and my confidence grew as the game went on. But then one comment changed everything…

You certainly seem to know a lot he said with a smile….my friend turned from her spot sitting behind me and said with a mocking tone “well she is a brainiac didnt you know? She has a 4.7 gpa so of course she knows a lot”

The boy’s eyes widened and gone was the playful banter of just a minute ago…”you have a 4.7?!” He asked with incredulity in his voice…as I sheepishly nodded my assent he turned and put his back to me and engaged another girl in conversation…hurt, anger, embarrassment ovetook me like a tidal wave…

Have you ever experienced being put down becAuse of your intelligence? Your power? Your strengths?

How had that continued to influence your life? How you show up in the world? What gift have you been keeping quiet because you were taught at some point that shining to brightly isnt safe?

Today…yes today…bring that talent to light. The world needs your gifts…your power…your light. Yes you may encounter bullies…but, more importantly, you will encounter people who are grateful because you changed their life for the better…and you will see the worthy people who celebrate your strengths and gifts.

Shine brightly starting TODAY



A Note on Gluten

Harvard researchers recently published a study that found gluten has no affect on causing heart disease.

This study was brought to my attention and it’s very interesting. The doctors and people commenting on the study findings of course start attacking anyone who believes removing gluten is the answer.

Here’s the thing (coming from a very big Gluten Free advocate)….

1st: Do not discount me or think that I’m dumb and just a follower if I believe this…..on the contrary….I’m a healthcare practitioner that is dedicated to helping my clients feel better in any way I can….and if that means removing an inflammatory protein because the case studies enormously outweigh the “perfect” research then so be it.

2nd. The problem with research studies such as this is that they indicate that going gluten free is harmful….BUT they do not take the time to clarify that it is the consumption of gluten free processed foods that is not good for the patient NOT necessarily the entire gluten free way of eating.

3rd. Instead of condemning the gluten free diet….how about actually talk about what matters…that eating Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins and limiting processed foods is what will lead to health….there is no way you can argue against this.

4th. Lastly, how about you ask your patients and trust what they feel instead of immediately jumping to conclusions or invalidating their observations. Don’t be so resistant to results and methodologies that make your patients feel better. Patient health and quality of life should ALWAYS trump what the science says and what you believe. (And yes…if I had a patient that felt better and was healthier eating gluten then I would support them!)

Removing gluten from your diet can be such a healing thing for the body….but thinking that replacing your usual bagel with a gluten free one will somehow totally revitalize your health is not the answer. The answer is simple….EAT REAL FOOD.

There are many things that still need to be discovered about gluten….like why the reports of symptoms from gluten are so high in the USA and why they are on the rise.¬† Perhaps later we will find that it is the GMO crop of wheat produced in the USA?¬† Perhaps it’s actually just gluten and the symptoms aren’t as prevalent in Europe?¬† All that I know is that I will continue to have an open mind and will listen to my clients when it comes to what they feel…and you won’t find this Nutritionist eating gluten any time soon.

What are your questions? Thoughts? Have you ever tried going gluten free? Why/Why not?


Do You Live for the Weekend?

I remember counting down the days until Friday.  It always felt like I was back in elementary school counting down the days until I was free for the summer.  Anticipation, excitement, the thirst for freedom so strong that it became a major focus of my attention those last few hours at work.

Yes, I anticipated the weekend because I was free from the negative environment I worked in, but it was also something so much more than that.¬† The weekend was the time that I was set free from my food police.¬† During the week I had the food nazi’s watching every single morsel that I put into my mouth.¬† Their commentary so loud that I wondered if everyone could hear it.¬† “Don’t eat that!” “You better burn that off at the gym” “That will go right to your stomach” “You are making yourself fat!” “Good girl, you have permission to feel confident because you drank that green juice”….on and on and on it droned.¬† Sound familiar?

However, once the weekend hit, it was like I was a puppy unleashed from their crate….I was FREEE…Free to indulge, free to treat myself, free to eat all the “bad” foods.¬† Over the next two days I would eat what I truly wanted, what I craved, and all while feeling like complete crap about myself and my “lack of control.”¬† Heaven forbid I really overdo it during the weekend freedom fest.

Back and forth, back and forth that pendulum swung week after week.¬† And I know I’m not the only one.

I lived that way for longer than I care to admit.¬† BUT I eventually discovered something important.¬† Freedom is a choice we make.¬† I finally decided to get off that roller coaster and decided that I loved me enough to honor what I truly deserved…a life where indulgence isn’t even a real concept with my diet.

Nowadays I crave green juice as much as I crave cookies.¬† I listen and ask my body what it needs.¬† I’ve been able to maintain my ideal weight for years now no matter how much exercise I’m doing.¬† Do I sometimes eat foods that don’t make me feel that great?¬† Yep!¬† I’m not perfect!¬† But I always understand that I have a choice each and every moment.¬† I can choose to give in to the food police once more…or I can choose to truly live in FREEDOM.¬† And that is an easy decision to make.

So….what can you choose today?¬† Do you choose to let the back and forth cycle continue?¬† Do you choose to berate yourself for eating “bad” foods?¬† Do you choose to make harsh judgments about yourself based on your weight?


Do you choose to love yourself no matter what your weight or health status?  Do you choose to honor your body and give it what it needs?  Do you choose to speak kindly to yourself?  Do you choose FREEDOM?




The Biggest Loss

Right now money seems to be the big topic in my neck of the social media woods.

Every person seems to be doing everything they can to manifest more and more money.¬† People are wanting to increase their wealth and other people are capitalizing on it by throwing out money courses, programs, and coaching left, right and center.¬† While I think it’s great that we are all trying to increase the wealth of inspirational and good-hearted people, the strong focus on money has left me sitting in the corner saying “uhhh guys….but what about health?”

You see, money is a fun thing to focus on because that is what our culture loves to sell us….the idea of the “perfect” life when you have lots of money (and lots of things).¬† I’ll freely admit that I’m just like any other sally-schmally…I want to have a comfortable financial life too!¬† However, unlike a lot of people, I totally and completely understand that without my health, no amount of money means a damn thing.¬† Marketing has been around a long time at this point.¬† We are used to commercials, radio plugs, and magazine ads.¬† In recent years, the introduction of social media ads and even the introduction of social media itself has only increased the amount of marketing we are subjected to each day.¬† It’s no wonder we have become obsessed with making more money (and in the easiest/quickest way possible) because all day long we are being told that we need more stuff….more success, more prestige, more power….all of that symbolized by our income, what we do, the vacations we take, the cars we drive, the house we live in, etc. etc.

What’s even worse is the sensational marketing that is now becoming the norm in order for everyday entrepreneurs to be seen and noticed online. “10K in 10 days!” “6 Figures in 6 months” and all if you purchase my secret formula for success! Cue the eye roll.

However, as awesome as it is to be more money conscious…people are missing a big point here.¬† Having all the money in the world means absolutely diddly squat if you are sick.¬† Just ask Steve Jobs….all the money in the world did not prevent him from dieing.¬† Even scarier, is the glorification of overwork with the “hustle” culture.¬† People are made to feel that if they are exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, etc. then they need to just suck it up and hustle because if they aren’t “hustling” then they must not want success bad enough.¬† UHHEMMM CAN SOMEONE SAY WRONNNNGGG!

I understand that success, power, financial abundance, etc. are important.¬† Heck, even I want those things!¬† However, there is a gross underemphasis on the importance of taking care of yourself and your body health-wise.¬† I see these entrepreneurs online and know for a fact some of them have massively burned out and their body finally broke down forcing them to stop.¬† But why isn’t anyone talking about it?¬† Why aren’t these influencers discussing the downfalls of the “hustle” until you burnout culture?

Yes, you have those health coaches, dieticians, nutritionists etc. talking about health eating and exercising but most of it is just to sell you a program or their “perfect formula” for success.¬† (Raises hand) Hey I’ve done it when I marketed my Food Freedom Formula!¬† But yet no one is really talking about setting yourself up to live a long-term life.¬† Everything seems to be focused on the short-term…Making quick money, losing 10lbs fast, finding that soulmate like yesterday.

I could blame my generation and technology for all the focus on quick gratification but that won’t really do anything productive.¬† Instead I invite you to pause for a second and ask yourself “what am I currently putting above my health and longevity?”¬† “What am I valuing more?¬† What am I making more of a priority?”

Now, what would happen if you got terminal cancer tomorrow?  Would those things still matter as much?  Perhaps they matter but would you be able to show up for them as much?

You see, when your body is functioning along at a decent rate it can be hard to imagine your health declining and people tend to make their health less of a priority.¬† Maybe you try to lose some weight because you want to look fabulous on the outside but external validation rarely creates lasting results.¬† For most people, it’s not until they hit health crisis mode that they begin to make some changes.¬† I know that was how it was for me!¬† It took my health crashing majorly 3 TIMES for it to finally sink in….there is nothing more valuable than your health.

So….if you felt a bit uncomfortable with those questions above….if you aren’t valuing your health like you know you need to….I want you to know that you aren’t alone BUT you have a choice to make.¬† You can choose to remain as you are and gamble as to when your body will break down OR you can choose to start prioritizing your health today.¬† It’s your choice but I can tell you this….If you don’t have time for your health now, then you will have to make time for the doctor later.¬† Don’t make the same mistakes I did….don’t choose to learn this lesson the hard way.

Sending you so much love!



P.S. If you want to commit to changing your relationship with your body and boosting your health in a big way, then let’s chat!¬† Making health changes doesn’t have to be extreme and it can be more fun and positive than you realize.¬† Body love, tons of energy, and overall wellness are there for you….however it takes discovering the right formula for you….not a one-size-fits-all approach and I want to help you.¬† Comment below or email for more information on how we can work together to transform your health, body, and life to something you only dreamed of.




What’s Your Super Power?

As I go through each day of this social media detox and am forced to interact with more people face to face, a super power has emerged that I’m really quite excited about. ¬†What is it you ask?

No it’s not x-ray vision…or telepathy…although both would be AWESOME!

This super power is something that allows me to do something awesome…you ready for it?

My super power is being able to see the true power, the essence, and the unseen potential inside other human beings. ¬†As I’ve been going about my days, I can’t help but look around me with awe and humbleness. ¬†Every human being I see is being seen through new eyes. ¬†It’s like I’ve been given a special kind of vision and, for that, I am so grateful.

Each time I talk to someone new, I get so excited to hear about their lives and, like Nancy Drew, I have an innate curiosity and will to discover the power within them that will not be ignored.  So many people around me walk through life completely unaware of the fact that they have a super power too.

Just like you, my dear reader.

You have a super power, a well of incredible gifts, that stands untapped inside of you and, yet, most people run away from or scoff at, the mere idea that they are inherently gifted.


This question of why has been on my mind this morning and I have some theories that I would like to share with you if I may?

You see, I believe that people run away from any sign of their power because acknowledging it means that they must face the things in their lives that are less than super. ¬†I believe that when you finally understand that you are truly very powerful, living a life of mundane experiences becomes unbearable because it is no longer in congruence with who you know yourself to be. ¬†By claiming the idea that you are very powerful, you also claim the premise that you deserve nothing less than extraordinary in your life. ¬†This makes some people extremely uncomfortable because much of their current life is spend doing the ordinary…things they “should be doing” or what is “expected of them.”

Secondly, I believe people shy away from claiming their power because once you do so, you accept the responsibility of truly implementing and using those gifts for the greater good of all.  Sounds a little (or maybe more than a little) scary right?  Afterall, accepting the responsibility might mean changing your career, starting your own business, writing the book, being polarizing in your message, leaving the negative relationship, making big health changes, or maybe even changing locations.  Fully understanding and accepting your power can mean big changes and leaps of faith.  However, owning this power, facing it, accepting it, welcoming it, can also mean truly living a life that is extraordinary, a life that is filled with feelings of fulfillment and joy, not to mention, the innate inner knowing that you are living big and have held nothing back.

So, ultimately, I go about my day and I see person after person filled with absolutely incredible power and potential.  Some are just starting to wake up to it and some are still totally unaware, but I will say this, no matter where you are on the journey, I see you.  I see your super power.  I see the incredible gifts and all of that untapped potential.  I see it all waiting like a slumbering giant ready to be unleashed.

You are more powerful than you realize. ¬†You have the potential to live a life that goes way beyond ordinary and this goes for whatever age you currently find yourself at. ¬†The question is, are you willing to see your own power? ¬†To see your own amazingness? ¬†Your true abilities? ¬†Is it scary to do so? ¬†Yep! ¬†But I can tell you that it’s a journey more rewarding than any other you take in your life.

As for me, I’ll continue to go through my days calling and speaking to the power within you in the hopes that someday I can hand you the keys to unlock the true potential inside.