"If you are in a place you no longer want to be, and you want to improve your overall happiness, Megan is the person to get in touch with. Megan is absolutely amazing at what she does! She has been through her own personal struggles and understands where you are in your life. She strives to help you reach your goals and create the happy life you always wanted. I highly recommend Megan!!"

- Maureen L.

"If you are ready to take the next step forward in your life to a more positive, thriving, you... then Megan is it! Her gentle manner, loving heart, professionalism & education are evident when you are working with her. She is a shining light of love & growth ready to walk with you to a better you!"

- Dustee

Here's How It Works:

Coaching is a powerful way to create a life you could only dream of.  Whether it is just in health, or if it is in every area of your life, I will coach you powerfully to achieve the success and results you deeply desire.  My clients get results.  That is a simple fact.  So, if you are looking to claim the body, the health, the life that you know you are meant to have....then let's talk.  

Each week I leave three spots open in my calendar.  For these spaces, I waive my coaching fee as a service and gift to my community.  If you are an action taker and you are ready to truly put in the work it takes to achieve your goals, then head to the link below to fill out an application.

Time is a precious resource.  It's up to you to decide when you are ready to step up as the powerful person you are meant to be.

"Megan is a phenomenal life coach and is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. She knows what it takes to keep your body healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. Her journey to get where she is today is so inspiring. I highly recommend Megan to help you listen to your body!"

- Nicola H.

"Megan is amazing! All of her expertise comes from personal experiences and the transformation from sickness to disease. She's been there- and she know how to help you move from surviving to thriving. I would recommend Megan to ANYONE who is looking to restructured their live into a healthy, happy, life they love!"

- Daniela K.

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